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Car Ride Stories for GIGI Kids - christian stories for kids

Sep 6, 2021

Today's podcast episode is a little teaser of our new audio story bundle coming October 5th! These bedtime stories will be the perfect bundle to bring peace to your child before they go to sleep. You will love Goodnight God bedtime stories.

Listen to the episode to find out what the story is about....enjoy this little sneak peek.


It’s winter and Lily-Belle has been asked by her mum to go and take a bath. They are a family of eight, so being the youngest gives her the advantage of having a bath before the hot water gets cold.  But, Lily-Belle is a little distracted with the snow falling outside and too busy imagining adventures in dark caves with her cat Kitty.

When she finally makes it to the bath – there is no hot water left! Lily-Belle can’t sleep – she’s itchy and uncomfortable and cranky.  Then she hears voices and little excited giggled coming from her siblings. What could be happening? She peeks out of her room and can’t believe what she is seeing! She really does have amazing brothers and sisters.

I'm interested in the book bundle

Written by: Esther Espinoza

Read to you by: Clare Staniforth

Mastered by: James Wagner

music credit: 

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